Alternatives for Youth

family and community services
EAC Network at 50: We Are Family and Community Services

At EAC Network, we recognize the importance of our Family and Community Services to help our neighbors pay bills, resolve family and business conflicts, and navigate through obstacles that can hinder self-sufficiency.  It is a challenging mission, but we continue to seek ways to improve our effectiveness by building collaborative…

World Poetry Day

Today, March 21, is World Poetry Day! Every year on March 21 we celebrate the unique capacity that poetry has to capture a message. This day promotes the study of poetry in schools, reinforces the connection between poetry and the other arts, and encourages young and old to take a hand in writing poetry.

We Are the Media

Media plays a large role in the lives of youth, who are a heavily targeted demographic for advertisers. We want our young adults to be aware of the media’s influence in their lives as well as the power they have to create their own media. To protect our youth and encourage media literacy education, we started a three-week media literacy seminar series called Connect Smart.