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EAC Network’s Supervised Visitation Programs Rebuild Family Bonds

supervised visitation programs

For non-custodial parents in Nassau and Suffolk counties, EAC Network’s Supervised Visitation programs provide an opportunity for families to maintain and develop strong, relationships in a safe, neutral setting. With three programs on Long Island, including Enhanced Supervised Visitation, EAC Network is breaking down barriers that can separate parents and children.

What Is Supervised Visitation?

Supervision visitation occurs when a parent is only permitted to visit with their children under the supervision of another individual, like a social worker. This situation often happens after custody disputes, domestic violence incidents, substance abuse issues, mental illness, child abuse, or when there is an absentee parent.

The purpose of these programs is to ensure that parents have an opportunity to maintain contact with their children, while the children benefit from being in a safe and structured environment. The meetings are monitored and take place in a designated visitation setting.

How Supervised Visitation Helps Children and Parents

When the family unit breaks down, children and relationships suffer. The absence of positive parent-child relationships can hinder emotional growth and development. Whether it’s a first-time meeting or a long overdue reunion, supervised visitation programs help families rebuild and maintain vital relationships.

supervised visitation programs

Nassau and Suffolk Supervised Visitation Programs

EAC Network’s Supervised Visitation programs collaborate with the courts to provide families with neutral, conflict-free supervised visits in safe, child-friendly settings. These Children & Youth Services programs, based in Hempstead and Ronkonkoma, allow non-custodial parents to have another chance to be a part of their children’s lives.

These visits are supervised by trained professionals with expertise in child welfare matters and identifying abuse. They generally occur once a week for one hour in a safe, neutral setting with on-site security staff.

EAC Network’s Supervised Visitation also helps non-custodial parents learn how to develop better relationships with their children. Through participation in the program, parents often experience improved emotional well-being and a positive change in their behavior and actions.

EAC Network’s Enhanced Supervised Visitation Program

The Enhanced Supervised Visitation program provides interactive supervised visits to assist parents in improving their ability to meet the needs of their children. Through supportive, targeted, hands-on skill building, Enhanced Supervised Visitation can help a parent gain more time with their children and eventually regain custody. The program uses a strengths-based approach that assists parents in identifying the positive skills they already possess and build upon those strengths.

supervised visitation programs

How You Can Support Supervised Visitation Programs

EAC Network’s Supervised Visitation programs are currently supported by the Suffolk County Department of Social Services, the Nassau County Bar Association, United Way of Long Island, the Fay J. Lindner Foundation, and private donations.

You can make a difference in the lives of local children in these programs. No donation is too small. We will accept items, such as new toys and supplies, including board games, cards, cars and trucks, kitchen sets, dollhouses, washable art sets and more. View the Supervised Visitation wish list or donate now.

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