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Social Media Strategies for Nonprofits: Extend Your Level of Impact

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There are 4.8 billion social media users worldwide, representing 59.9% of the global population. Nonprofit organizations such as EAC Network have incorporated social media to reach a wider audience and help raise awareness of their programs and services. Through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we can come up with social media strategies for nonprofits that connect with a larger audience and engage with potential supporters more personally and interactively.

Social Media Strategies to Amplify the Impact of Nonprofit Programs

As a nonprofit organization, EAC’s mission is to empower, assist, and care for individuals, youth, families, communities, and seniors within New York City, its Boroughs, Long Island, and Rockland County. Leveraging social media strategies to amplify our impact and connect with individuals is imperative to our organization’s overall impact. Here are some of the ways social media acts as an extension of our organization and mission:

Sharing Information

Using our social media platforms to share informative posts, videos, and infographics help provide valuable information and tips on topics relevant to a program’s focus. This can be especially helpful to individuals who may not have access to these resources.

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Creating Online Spaces

Hosting spaces where individuals can build their own community benefit your brand. These spaces allow users to connect, share their experiences, and receive peer support and encouragement.

Circulate Positive Information

Sharing powerful stories of individuals who have benefited from our programs and services, such as testimonials, can humanize your organization, inspire those struggling, and build trust within your audience. In our case, our New York City-focused “Your Streets, Our Streets” campaign has seen great success using this approach.

Written Content

Produce content through blogs that tell a story and provide individuals with a further detailed look into what our programs offer.

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A Pathway for Transparent and Ethical Fundraising Efforts

Another key advantage of social media is how we can harness its power to facilitate fundraising efforts. Incorporating social media strategies that assist us in getting information out to a broader audience gives us at EAC Network the potential and ability to do more. These platforms can effectively assist us in conveying the progress and success stories of the individuals we’ve helped. They also help to share any specific areas we, as an organization, need assistance running, from donations to volunteering.

All nonprofit organizations must operate with complete transparency, which is why EAC Network uses social media as a valuable and necessary tool to keep the public informed and reminded of all we do and offer.

EAC Network’s Commitment to Communicating Our Message

Using these social media strategies, EAC Network continues to effectively use social media to expand our reach, strengthen our community of supporters, and drive meaningful change. By sharing our compelling stories, we hope to continue to raise awareness of what we do, attract new supporters, and secure critical funding to support our causes now and in the future.

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