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Recognizing In-Home Respite Companion, Laura Wiggins

“Am I My Brother’s and Sister’s Helper? Yes I am.”

These are the words of EAC Network’s  In-Home Respite companion Laura Wiggins who we recognize for her many contributions. This month, Laura is celebrating her 24th year of working here. Yes- 24 years serving as a companion to older adult so that their family caregiver can get a much needed break. We asked Laura why she has devoted so much of her time helping people through our program and to helping people throughout her community and she said “ I do what I do because I was raised by a family that demonstrated giving respect and help to all in need. I was taught by giving, you are really receiving. Because of their guidance, I gained a greater understanding of how I should live my life and of the importance of being a decent human being. Everyone has the ability to help someone in some way. It may be a simple greeting,  a walk with them, a conversation on a topic of their interest or simply playing a game with them. By our interaction of helping someone, we give to the world our love and we increase our ability to grow more in love and understanding. I believe in doing this, we will eliminate the sickness that is the cancer of the world today. “ We are so fortunate and proud to have Laura on our Respite team.

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