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Suffolk County Executive Calls for Direct Federal Disaster Aid

steve bellone

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone is sounding the alarm about the critical need for Direct Disaster Aid to state and local governments, who face big budget shortfalls as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Bellone faulted Washington for not delivering key funding to help prevent devastating cuts to local services and programs at a time when they are needed most.

“Although we remain optimistic that Washington will ultimately fulfill its duty and deliver the critical aid that is so desperately needed, Suffolk County’s 2021 Operating budget is due now,” Bellone said.

While Suffolk County’s budget currently reflects the current fiscal reality, the County Executive plans to structure the budget so that cuts will not go into effect until mid-way through the budget year, giving more than enough time for Direct Disaster Aid to be provided.

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EAC Network joins County Executive Bellone in his public appeal for the federal government to provide Direct Disaster Aid to state and local governments that could have an influence on public funding to our innovative programs and services, such as:

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