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National Recovery Month Is a Time to Celebrate Personal Triumphs

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The permanent theme for all future National Recovery Month observances is “Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.” This is not only a statement but a reminder of how we are all part of the journey to one’s recovery. With recovery comes a sense of pride of accomplishment, and it should be recognized. While oftentimes it takes assistance, guidance, and love from others, in the end, the strength and perseverance of the individual are what it all comes down to.

How Did National Recovery Month Start?

The annual event started back in 1989 and was called Treatment Works Month. It was to celebrate and honor the hard work and dedication of addiction professionals. Nine years later, the name was changed to National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month to include and recognize the efforts of those working on recovering from their substance abuse issues. Then in 2021, it was changed to National Recovery Month, the name we know it as today.

While the name and some of the focus may have evolved over the years, the purpose never wavered. It was always to educate, bring awareness and recognize the challenges and efforts towards recovery.

Support is a Key Component of Recovery

It takes more than a village sometimes, and local and federal government support is imperative to make an impact. For example, they help to create laws and legislation that assist those needing special care or counseling that would typically not have access. However, government assistance alone isn’t enough, which is why nonprofits’ services are vital. On a daily basis, they carry out essential functions in our society while staying in direct contact with individuals seeking help.

EACs Behavioral Health Services Cover Many Needs

From substance abuse, physical or mental abuse, legal trouble, or health issues, EAC provides services to help everyone on their road to recovery.

  • TASC Programs
  • Alcohol Education Program
  • New Path Treatment Center
  • Abusive Partner Intervention Program
  • Anger Management Program
  • Brooklyn SAMHSA Behavioral Health Treatment Court Collaborative

Recovery is a Journey and not a Final Destination

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Having a support system by your side offering advice and encouragement is invaluable. However, deciding to start on your path to recovery must come from within. Even with the positives far outweighing the negatives, it can still be an overwhelming mission.

That first step towards your recovery goal is a powerful moment and puts whatever challenges you are walking away from further and further behind you. You never truly stop on the way, though. Instead, it’s like arriving at a beautiful scenic overlook. You stop, take it all in and appreciate the moment, but then you continue on.

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This is recovery. It is hard work for so many reasons, and it’s why anyone going through it not only needs to be supported but celebrated. National Recovery Month is an important reminder of this.

Reach out to EAC for any assistance on starting your journey towards recovery.


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