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Living Healthy at Every Age

Pictured l-r: Rosella Fuscaldo, Community Nutrition Educator, Laura Zelenka-Dufresne, Registered Dietitian, Carol O’Neill, Senior Director of Senior & Nutrition Services

Growing older is a natural process, but how we live and how we eat can keep us healthy for many years to come. We can control our genetics by living a healthful lifestyle and consuming a diet that is rich in color and nutrient-dense foods. You may ask… what are the keys to longevity?

1. Avoid muscle related weight loss. Engage in resistance training and keep moving. Including good, lean sources of protein at every meal will also help build muscle as well as improve immune function and healing. Start your day off right with some eggs, cheese, or Greek yogurt. Balance out sources of animal proteins with plant proteins.

2. It’s all about your what you eat. Include lots of whole grain, fiber-rich carbohydrates like oats, bran, beans, brown rice, and and barley to build up a healthy gastro-intestinal tract and bacterial growth. A healthy gut fuels better nutrient absorption, diabetes control, weight management, and immune function.

3. Know your numbers. Follow up with your doctor on a regular basis. Know your A1C and diabetes risks, LIPID profile and blood pressure for cardiovascular risk, and Vitamin D 25 hydroxy levels. With knowledge and awareness comes great power and great results.

4. See a Registered Dietitian, aka a nutrition expert, and avoid fad diets. All foods fit in!

March is National Nutrition Month. Eat right. Live right. Feel good!

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by Laura Zelenka-Dufresne, MA, RD, CHES, CDN, CSG, Nutrition Consultant, EAC Network

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