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EAC Network Harnesses the Power of Optimism

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The mission of EAC is to empower, assist and care for all individuals in need. We help people survive in a challenging world. It is a delicate and intricate balancing act that requires consistent support from volunteers, employees, and donors. These efforts can inspire entire communities to build themselves back up and remind us of the power of optimism.

We all want to live a life full of purpose, and sometimes we face events out of our control to prevent that. These times are when we need guidance to regain a sense of empowerment and control; many times, it requires help from others to achieve it.

Our Services Provide Assistance For Individuals From Manhattan to Montauk

EAC Network’s 5 Pillars comprises programs and services designed to provide locals across long island and the five boroughs with the necessary help and resources. The hope that comes from these programs is matched only by the power of optimism felt by everyone participating in them. Let’s take a quick look into each of our pillars:

1.     Children & Youth Services

Nothing is more important than ensuring our youth is protected, nurtured, and provided for, especially when they have faced incredible obstacles. Our children and youth services help victims of child abuse, neglect, involvement in the foster care system, or child trafficking primarily by providing them with the support and resources they need to have a positive outlook and move forward.

2.     Family & Community Services

Our Family and Community services assist our neighbors suffering through financial, familial, or business-related hardships. We help them navigate the roadblocks preventing them from pushing forward, prospering, and contributing to the community.

3.     Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Services

EAC Network’s Behavioral Health and Criminal Justice Programs have a common goal: to help individuals suffering from mental health and/or substance abuse issues obtain treatment. In addition, we offer programs for anger management, community service and educational intervention for domestic violence offenders, and more. These programs offer these individuals the prospects of a more meaningful life.

4.     Senior & Nutrition Services

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We are the largest provider of Meals on Wheels in Nassau County. Our programs focus on the needs of seniors and mentally and/or physically incapacitated individuals who cannot manage daily life on their own. Our senior centers provide local seniors with warm meals, exercise, and social interaction.

5.     Vocational Services

EAC Network also offers a variety of vocational programs that provide participants with skills to obtain and retain employment, particularly with at-risk populations. We all want to feel the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from contributing and earning a salary.

The Power of Optimism Provides A Positive Outlook

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The past few years have presented all of us with many challenges and hardships. While EAC Network knows there will be more to do in 2023, with constant support, generosity, and dedication, we will always be prepared for the challenges ahead.

Optimism is one of EAC Network’s core values and is felt throughout all of our programs and services.

If you are interested in volunteering or donating to any of our programs, please contact us today!

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