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Shielding your Child from Family Court

We know being a parent is difficult, but it’s even harder when simultaneously dealing with family issues like divorce and custody. Many single parents who need to attend court business are forced to bring their children with them due to the high costs of childcare. However, in certain instances being in court could possibly expose children to traumatic experiences as they observe the discord in family situations.

Tania Peterson Chandler, VP of Operations, EAC Network, addresses the press conference with Steve Bellone, County Executive for Suffolk County (left of podium).
Educating our Community and Bringing Hope

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Human trafficking is an illegal multi-billion-dollar industry in which individuals are forced to engage in commercial sex, labor, or other services against their will. This modern day slavery occurs on a global scale and even happens in our own neighborhoods.

Mount Sinai High School's Teen Safety Day 2016
Program Spotlight: Teen Driving Equation

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for teens ages 14-18 in the United States. This fact is terrifying for all parents and law officers who are first to respond at the scene of an accident. Teen Driving Equation aims to prevent further unnecessary injuries and deaths by enforcing positive driving skills for teens so they develop safe driving habits.

Play house at NSV
Supervised Visitation Gets New Toys

THE FAY J. LINDNER FOUNDATION’S GENEROUS GRANT ENSURES ENGAGING ACTIVITIES FOR CHILDREN OF ALL AGES This year, the Fay J. Lindner Foundation granted $33,600 to our Supervised Visitation programs. One of the challenges our Visit Specialists face is keeping the children who visit with their non-custodial parents every week engaged in…

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